Touch screen applications – software for infokiosk

River company is a software developer specialised in Windows applications for information kiosks, photobooths and other touch-screen devices.
We offer ready-made applications (please see description below) and develop required software, add-ons or interfaces, on customer’s order. We provide reliable support for our customers.
Our professional approach is confirmed by several hundred customers in Poland and abroad. Some of them have been using River applications for over 25 years.

Visitor – self-service training on touch screen kiosk

People visiting company area are obliged to become acquainted with safety regulations and equipped with visiting card.

  • Guests of the plant, external employees, apprentices or suppliers visiting company area are obliged to become acquainted with safety regulations appropriate to their visitor’s role
  • Educational or promotional presentation, contains basic knowledge that enables to pass test
  • Multiple choice test
  • Fast guest service in multiple languages
  • Ticket printing – passing test successfully results in printing visitor card, ticket or voucher

ETO – interactive touch electronic noticeboard

Displaying and managing announcements on the touch panel. Dedicated to institutions, offices and companies, that deal with big amount of announcements. Easy access to information for clients, employees.

  • Convenient and quick placements of announcements, tenders, adverts by adding PDF, JPG files
  • Presenting them in required categories and sub-categories
  • Quick and easy browsing on touch screen panel, possibility to print and to send by email
  • Remote management enables effective work, easy access, automatic removal announcements whose date expired
  • Managing one or more displays of the same or different content
  • Automatically scrolled bar with important messages (ticker/scroll)

diPhoto - photokiosk on any Windows computer

Self-service prints ordering. Higher margins services. Cooperation with minilabs and printers.

  • Prints, photogifts, cards, large format prints ordering
  • Setting up of delivery and payment method
  • Adding frames, edges and Word Art, wrapping page corners
  • Perfectly Clear library for automatic image enhancement
  • Automatic transfer and queuing of orders on minilabs Fuji C4/C5, Agfa, Noritsu
  • Cooperation with dye-sublimation printers or any Windows printer
  • Upload to FTP

Photobooth - software for your photobooth

Self-making and sharing images, animated GIFs, videos.

  • Supports computer running Windows, Canon DSLR camera or any webcam
  • Ready and customized print’s layouts, possibility to add your own templates
  • Easy set up for different workflows
  • Green Screen replacement
  • Sharing photos Email, Facebook, SMS, WWW, sharing animated GIF-s, Video
  • Customizable screens
  • Multilingual, possibility to add new language by yourself